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GLBT Exmos

August 2010

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caroldreamer in glbt_exmormons

The Journey of Love, part 1

I'm officially ready to start dating. I think.

The problem, as I'm sure everyone runs into with such a decision, is where to meet people. Oh sure, there are plenty of articles out there that list the usual suspect locations, but honestly who really cares? It's not in my personality to go clubbing or join any social groups. And there's something extremely creepy about the idea of hanging out next to the Gay and Lesbian section of the bookstore just waiting for someone to come along. Such places are out of the question.

But I am Pagan now, so all is not lost. I'm turning to the spiritual forces around me to attract love into my life. You see, unlike the Mormon God, my deities don't care if you're screwing men, women, or dogs. If you want a partner, they'll help you find one. Simple as that. So, with my deck of oracle cards, I sat down and asked, "Where can I go to find love?"

The card I pulled was titled, Sleep.

I put away my deck and climbed back into bed. I guess that, for now, I have to satisfy myself with my dreams. Here's hoping they're steamy.


i went a somewhat scary route and met fellow lesbians of utah on okcupid.com and craigslist D:
crazy. yes.
but i havent been raped yet and I've met some awesome gals.

pagan <3
The only website I'm against using is Myspace. I'm scared enough of that place as it is, and I don't even reply back to any of the messages I get.