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GLBT Exmos

August 2010

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caroldreamer in glbt_exmormons

I saw this community and couldn't help but think, "Gay exMormons?  Oh my god! That's me!"

I officially left Mormonism a year ago, though my being a lesbian didn't have that much to do with it. I can't really remember why I left. Or maybe I've just gotten used to glossing over the truths that led me away. I said that I left because the church wasn't right for me, when in truth I wish I could say that I left because it was a frightening cult. It is, you know. That's why you're here too.

Looking back over my life, I realize that I've always been a lesbian. I mean, come on! I wanted to make out with my high school best friend so badly one night that I made myself get up and leave. That right there should have been a major light bulb moment, but it wasn't. Because of the Mormon church. I tried so hard to fit in that I was nothing more than a repressed shell of a human being. I didn't start to flourish until after I had left. I didn't embrace my inner homosexual until after I stopped thinking of it as a sin.

I've never interacted with any GLBT group before, so I'm a little nervous. I can't help but feel that I don't know what it means to be gay, because no one knows about me. Most people can't look at me and guess that I'm flaming. Really, my sexual preference doesn't make that much of a difference in my life anyways. I love horror movies, cats, writing, sunny days, and clouds that look like angels. Oh yeah, I also like kissing women.

So, hello.


I won't be. I'm used to writing into the oblivion, which is probably why I went ahead and posted to this community.
I know what you mean... no idea why I left, I just kind of did. Now that I've been out for a while I can point to loads of things I disagree with, but not sure what it was that pushed me out the door.

As the above poster said, yeah, we are kind of dead around here. But occasionally there are signs of life (like this!) and we're glad to have you.

Don't be nervous though! You've already figured out what it means to be gay: cats and writing and sunny days, and oh yeah, a little bit of hot girl/girl action on the side. Society (and the church) tries to turn it into more and left me, at least, thinking it was this big scary mysterious thing and I wasn't truly a member because I hadn't gone through some super-secret initiation (like gay endowments? lol). But whatever, we're just normal people, we just have extra issues because we grew up being taught that we were gross sinning perverts.

Any waaaay, welcome! Glad to have you. :)
I love your icon!

That's exactly how I feel. I had grown up thinking that homosexuals were the others, and I've never been anything other than human.